Install compiz fusion and enable cube atlantis effect on ubuntu

Posted on January 2, 2009

Compiz Fusion is the result of a merge between the well-known Beryl composite window manager and Compiz Extras, a community set of improvements to the Compiz composite window manager.

If you still have not an ubuntu yet,you can refer guide The simplest way to install ubuntu 8.10 to install it on your PC.It’s very easy,just need about 10 minutes’s work.Below is a step by step guide about how to install compiz fusion on your ubuntu 8.10 and enable cube atlantis effect.

1.Install ubuntu driver for your Nvidia or ATI video card using EnvyNG.Please refer How to install Nvidia or ATI driver on ubuntu .If you are using Intel Video card please go to step2 directly.

2.Install compiz fusion using command “apt-get install compiz*” in your terminal

sudo apt-get install compiz*

3.Then you can start Compizconfig Settings Manager.

4.Then the compiz config windows appears.Click “General”

5.In the “Desktop Size” tab,change “Horizontal Virtual Size” to 4

6.Check effect “Rotate Cube” and “Desktop cube”.Then single click Desktop Cube

7.In the “Transparent Cube” tab set “Opacity During Rotation” to value 50 and “Opacity When Not Rotating” to 60.

8.Check effect “Cube Atlantics”.

9.Done.Now press Ctl+Alt and drag your left mouse key,Then you can get some effect like below

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