Fix Acroread high cpu usage in linux

Posted on October 15, 2012

I found there was several acroread process which occupy high cpu on our linux vnc servers.I try to upgrade acroreader to the latest version which didn’t work.

Now I found the reason is we are accessing internet behind company’s proxy server and we don’t configure the proxy setting for acroread,this is the root cause why

acroread occupy high cpu.


Method 1 To fix acroread high cpu usage in linux


If you are the only user who using the linux machine,after opening acroread, go to


then set your proxy server and port in the right pane


Method 2 To fix acroread high cpu usage in linux

If many users share the same linux machine,just go to your acrobat installation directory ,find file



Then add below codes (replace proxy address and port to your own) before the last line

/UnixProxyPreferences [/c << /IsDirectConnection [/i 0]
/ProxyName [/s (myproxyserver)]
/ProxyPort [/i 1080]

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